Michael VII Doukas

Michael VII Doukas
   Emperor (q.v.) from 1071-1078. He was the son of Constantine X and Eudokia Makrembolitissa (qq.v.), and a pupil of Michael Psellos (q.v.). His reign began in the immediate aftermath of the disastrous battle of Mantzikert (q.v.). Devaluation of the coinage (q.v.) and resulting inflation meant a rise in the price of bread, not helped by Michael's attempt to control the corn trade by making it a state monopoly. Economic unrest, coupled with Turkish raiding in Asia Minor (q.v.), created military revolts, including those of Roussel de Bailleul, Nikephoros Botaneiates, and Nikephoros Bryennios (qq.v.). The revolt of Bryennios succeeded in forcing Michael VII into monastic retirement. Nikephoros III Botaneiates legitimized his usurpation by marrying the wife of Michael VII, Maria of Alania (q.v.).

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